Amin Khoury About Me

Amin Khoury loves tech. He loves travel. He loves outdoor sports. He loves Bend. And, yes, he loves beer.

Amin double-majored in business and accounting (yeah, he was a bit of an overachiever). Unfortunately, he had the good fortune of graduating into the worst recession since the Great Depression.

After spending the better part of a year sending out what felt like thousands of resumes to investment banks and accounting firms in Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and everywhere in between, Amin took a hard look at his career goals and asked, “Why exactly am I fighting this fight again?”

His answer: “I don’t know, exactly.” So he stopped fighting and enrolled in a Portland-area IT program — a crash course in programming and comp sci. Two years and a slew of Codecademy classes later, Amin was ready to hang out his IT, web design and social media marketing consulting shingle. He relocated to Bend, where the beer flows like wine (so he’d heard) and the powder is forever gnarly, and got to work.

These days, Amin works out of a cozy little office in Old Bend. But you’re just as likely to find him hunkered over his laptop at the Looney Bean or Thump Coffee (if you’re ever in town, you gotta try the mocha truffles), or taking happy hour meetings at any of Bend’s ever-growing roster of local craft breweries.

Another big perk of Amin’s job: He gets to travel all over. (Not that he doesn’t already live in a pretty awesome spot.) In his relatively short career as an IT consultant, Amin’s work has taken him to more than two dozen states and an unclear number of cities. Amin travels light: laptop, change of clothes, camera and walking shoes.

And when Amin isn’t traveling for business, he’s likely traveling for pleasure. He’s proud to say that he has set foot on every continent save Antarctica, which — seriously — is in the cards in the near future. He has been part of some amazing cultural celebrations, too, from the famous (or infamous) Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain, to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Since everyone seems to have a side business going these days, Amin isn’t ashamed to admit that he sells some of the photographs he takes during his travels. (Not the ones you see on Instagram, though Amin likes to think those are pretty good too.) It’s nice to know that, if this whole IT deal doesn’t work out, he has something to fall back on.

Amin is a well-rounded guy; travel and associated photo sales aren’t his only passions in life. An avid music fan, he loves nothing more than unwinding after a long week of work in front of a new local act at Bend’s Silver Moon Brewing. (Just don’t ask him to play for you — the last time Amin picked up a musical instrument was back in elementary school, when he had to play one of those silly recorders for a few weeks.)

Amin is also a committed snowsports enthusiast. Though he has been comfortable on a snowboard since he was a kid, he’s kicked it into high gear since moving (practically) into Mount Bachelor’s shadow. From November through April, you’ll find him on the slopes at least one day every weekend he’s in town — and, when he’s not too busy, on weekday afternoons too.

Amin’s happy to put aside his fierce Oregon loyalties for the greater good (aka finding the best possible riding conditions); he and his friends take weekend trips to the Sierra and northern Cascades as often as their schedules permit.

When the weather warms, Amin retires his board and laces up his hiking boots. He’s a frequent fixture at the summit of Pilot Butte, where he’s been known to watch the sun set over the Cascades (who said IT consultants couldn’t be sentimental types?), and he’s completed most of the Washington and Oregon sections of the Pacific Coast Trail since 2010.

Amin lives with his wife and their canine kid Rosie near Old Bend.