Six Great Ways to Make Money with Your Smartphone

Admit it — you’re always looking at your smartphone. You’re texting, taking pictures or videos, playing games, checking Facebook or SnapChat and, sometimes, even talking on your phone. I am too—in fact, sometimes my wife has to sternly use my first and last name (like my parents did when I was in trouble) to get my attention: “Amin? Amin? Amin Khoury are you listening to me?” Yes, dear.

Here’s an idea for all you smartphone addicts: why not make some money while you’re at it? The truth is that you can make money using your smartphone. Here are six of the most exciting money-making opportunities you can try:

Easy Shift: Do you love to shop? If so, Easy Shift is for you. Your job, after signing up, is to check product availability at specific outlets. If the item is stocked, you check the barcodes and prices and report back. Users earn anywhere from $2 to $20 per assignment.

GymPact: Thinking about starting an exercise program? GymPact keeps you motivated by paying you to exercise. Sign up for an account, establish your goals and record each workout session to earn money. Need more motivation? If you don’t meet your goals, you’ll be fined. That should keep you on track.

Groupon Snap: You buy groceries, right? Why not get paid while you’re doing it? After downloading the app, check the “Offers” section. Buy one or more of the cashback products, take a picture of your receipt and upload it within the required time frame. After approval, the cash is deposited into your account. You can also earn by referring friends.

Receipt Hog: All you have to do is buy stuff or eat at a restaurant to earn money with Receipt Hog. The app tracks marketing and demographic information for different companies. Simply take pictures of your purchase or restaurant receipts and upload them to earn virtual coins. Once you have enough coins, you can redeem them for real money.

Screenwise Trends: How does earning money for doing absolutely nothing sound? With the Screenwise Trends app you do just that. Admittedly it’s not a lot of money and yes, you do give up some privacy rights, but if that doesn’t bother you, you can earn money. Screenwise Trends is a browser extension that tracks your Internet browsing. Designed to make Google smarter, the app sits quietly in the background. Once it’s installed, you can forget about it. Earn by simply browsing as usual or make additional money by joining discussion panels.

Instagram: You already take pictures, but with Instagram you can make money doing it. Instagram is a photo-sharing platform available to everyone from Moms and Dads to large corporations. Instagram’s brand promotion division is huge, with companies in all industries spending a combined total of from $1 billion to $1.5 billion on sponsored content. Here is where you come in. Companies pay what they call “influencers” like you to promote their products through the Instagram platform. You use pictures, captions and hashtags to promote specific brands. Compensations and requirements vary. If you don’t meet the requirements for paid promotions, you can still sign up as an unpaid brand ambassador. You don’t get paid in cash when you sign up, but companies send you freebies to promote through social media.

There you have it. You’re on your phone all of the time anyway. You may as well make a little cash while you’re doing it.



Image Attribution: jcookfisher – Creative Commons license